BP's bottom line

Written by Susan Mannella on .

While I suspect that BP is culpable regarding this oil spill fiasco, its antics -- including finger pointing -- remind viewers of those old Abbott and Costello routines.

The action or inaction of government and its "agencies" certainly doesn't help much; they didn't help much regarding the financial debacle that still roils the economy either. One wonders as to what John Q. Public might do here and now.

Burning Washington, D.C., to the ground might appeal to some, but such actions are violative of the law. One hopes that those responsible, both in and out of government, will be severely punished for their failures, but that ending isn't really very likely either, sad to note. The question remaining is what might John Q. Public do?

Boycott comes to mind, such actions being directed against the products produced by and sold under the brand or trademark of BP. Should boycotts take place, one expects crocodile tears to pour forth from the executive offices of BP, dealing with the harm done to "small business," the local merchant.

While there might be some truth in such claims, BP's major concern is directed toward its bottom line, to blazes with the small business owner-operator. Regarding bottom lines and the effects thereon, one also wonders how "shareholders" might react when the next corporate shareholder meetings/board elections come up.



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