Liberal ideology has caused the debacle in health care

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Sister Mary Traupman ("Fairness-Exempt," Dec. 23 letters) like many politically liberal Catholics cannot comprehend the idea that all health services are now a business. Currently physicians flock to universities to obtain an MBA or a specialized graduate certificate in business. Coupled to the business model are harsh realities, e.g., early discharges, denial of tests, closing hospitals, etc.

Liberal Catholics now reap the fruit of their political ideology in implementing Catholic social teaching. During the early 1980s government health insurance, Medicare, introduced diagnostic related groups, or DRGs, which pay a set amount of money for a particular disease, e.g. congestive heart failure with or without co-morbidities. Since Medicare is the largest health insurance company, it set the industry standard. DRGs forced health-care providers into assembly-line medicine. This increased efficiency to produce a product at a reasonable price. Government health insurance sets the reasonable price, not a competitive market place.

Vilifying UPMC or West Penn-Allegheny or any other nonprofit health system as unjust seems disingenuous since liberal Catholic political ideology loves government health insurance. Closing revenue-losing production lines such as UPMC Braddock hospital, advertising for new customers or diversifying income sources in a worldwide marketplace are all smart business decisions. Like Catholic liberals, I do not like the results of their political ideology, which produced this mess.

Conservative Catholics espouse the rich social teachings of the church. However, the liberal political implementation of those rich social teachings has provided dreadful results. Yet, politically liberal Catholics love to place blame when the bankruptcy of their ideology shows its true face. Whom will you blame, Sister Mary, when the bitter fruits ripen in this health insurance debacle being passed through Congress? I know one thing for sure: You will not blame your beloved government.


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