The mayor's meltdown shows immaturity

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is directly accountable to the taxpayers who pay his salary. So when reporters ask, on behalf of those taxpayers, about the mayor's activities and use of his taxpayer-funded time, the mayor is absolutely obligated to be promptly forthcoming with truthful and accurate answers ("Mayor Gets Testy About Whereabouts," Feb. 17). It is not the mayor's job to try to prove a point by withholding information. It is not his job to teach reporters, or by extension taxpayers, a lesson.

With regard to Tuesday's AWOL episode, one wonders why, if the mayor was indeed doing what he claims, his office could not simply say so earlier in the day. I'm left with only two possible answers: Either he was not doing what he claims, and/or he holds his constituents in utter contempt. Unfortunately, we have had ample prior indications that he is contemptuous of the people he was elected to serve.

This is the latest in a long series of missteps, outright incompetence and grave errors in judgment that clearly demonstrate Mr. Ravenstahl is absolutely not qualified to be mayor. In addition, his petulant attitude at the Tuesday press conference indicates a shocking lack of maturity.

The people of Pittsburgh deserve better, much better. We deserve maturity, competence and well-qualified leadership. I hope all Pittsburgh voters will join me in calling for Mayor Ravenstahl's resignation.


Squirrel Hill


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