Tiger in contrast

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Thanks very much for the two front-page stories on the Feb. 20 Post-Gazette of the 6th Marines in Afghanistan ("Marines Capture Taliban HQ") and Tiger Woods, including a photo with his hand over his heart ("Opinion Divided on Tiger's Shot Out of Rough"). The contrast could not be more complete.

Here we have 6th Marine grunts being shot at by Taliban combatants, and on the same page we have Tiger Woods with his so-called apology. Mr. Woods says he felt he had "worked hard" in the past. Oh, please. Since when is playing golf hard work? He needs to join the Marines and find out what hard work and a real job are.

We call these sleazy sports people "heroes" when the only real heroes we have in this country are men and women the likes of these Marines from Lima Company. These Marines, living in foxholes and being shot at daily, have more honor and courage in their little fingers than all of Mr. Woods' entire body. Compared with any Marine, Mr. Woods is just your typical, spoiled-brat, overpaid sports entertainer.

I suggest he take his billions of dollars, buy an island in the South Pacific and live the rest of his life in splendid privacy. We are sick of seeing his pathetic face plastered all over the newspapers and TV.



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