Yes, Pirates, let's be real about this digital 'tribute'

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Thank you, Mark Abramowitz of Squirrel Hill, for your "right on the money letter" ("The Best Tribute," March 25) regarding the late, great Vince Lascheid (the Pirates' organist for decades and a truly great pianist/musician). Pirates President Frank Coonelly says that playing digital recordings of Vince at the games is to pay him tribute -- but that's the worst way you can pay tribute to a great musician who performed live.

We are bombarded in this day and age with fake musicians. In Pittsburgh, several bands that play the private party market hire young, pretty people to stand behind fake keyboards to pretend to play while a computer plays the music.

In a recent visit to Panama, I twice saw a band that had just one person behind a keyboard, usually with one finger on it and the band sounded like 10 people. The worst part? Seventy-five percent of the audience thought he was doing it with one finger!

Instead of digital music, how about videos of real baseball players -- not the cheap imitations we have had to endure from the Pirates for the past 16 seasons.

If they are going to play digital music, I will stay home.

Mt. Lebanon
The writer is a full-time, professional musician.


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