Lights out

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Brian O'Neill's March 19 column suggests that we replace our incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases ("Going Greener, Even If You Don't See the Difference"). Not a bad idea because it will go quite a way in accomplishing these objectives.

But a really big bite can be taken out of our energy consumption almost immediately by greatly reducing the number of night ballgames and not using the lights at all during daytime games which, for reasons that escape me, is regularly done. There was a time when baseball games were called on account of darkness and that action never diminished the love the public had -- and still has -- for the sport. Unnecessary floodlighting of buildings and monuments, while attractive, is another area that should be carefully studied. And what about Las Vegas and Times Square?

True, this means we must do with less, which is a "hard sell," but let's be honest -- isn't this what our energy concern is all about?



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