Weird indeed

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I am writing in response to the March 17 Perspectives piece "Weird Weather, Weird Science." I agree with the author, Anthony Sadar, that the science he presents is indeed weird. In a strange admixture of science and human psychology he speaks of climate change as the "natural forces" that are "adjusting the system to stabilize thermometers and calm fears that refuse to be calmed."

He again refers to the "natural system ... designed to maintain quite tolerable living conditions ... to make nearly everyone happy." I assume the author is speaking of the same nature that turned the Earth into a snowball twice and created perhaps five mass extinctions. And then he uses the usual pejoratives like "climate-gated foundation" and "climate-change game."

If one really wants to know about climate change, I suggest looking at the websites of the World Meteorological Organization, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, the National Science Foundation and NASA for real scientific objectivity on the subject. But then again, if you note the book the author has written, you can get some indication of his true intent: "Environmental Risk Communication: Principles and Practices for Industry."

Need I say more?



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