'Dynamic' and LCB in the same sentence?

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding "PLCB May Rename Its 621 Liquor Stores" (April 18): Gov. Ed Rendell is correct in not supporting a name change for the state liquor stores. This archaic system is a monopoly anyway, and a poor one at that.

Joe Conti, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board CEO, says they are building a "really dynamic" Web site. Are you kidding me? I would never use the word "dynamic" when speaking about our current system of purchasing wine.

Instead of this waste of money, why not work to repeal the restrictions of having wine shipped into the state legally from the vineyards in California? Recently in Napa, I was told by a wine owner that the only two states he cannot ship to are Pennsylvania and Utah. Great, we are now on the level of one of the most conservative states in America.

Mr. Conti should rethink the position that the state can tell us which wines we can buy. Stop feeding this outdated and restrictive monopoly.



Mt. Lebanon




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