Our nation has better standards than such "techniques"

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Regarding "Shame on the Press" (May 24 Forum): Shame, indeed!

Richard Saccone's commentary was a collection of empty rhetorical devices, irrelevancies and straight-faced sarcasm, which reflects badly on his own scholarship and military career and on the editorial standards of the Post-Gazette.

Of the Bush administration's hair-splitting, Professor Saccone reminds us that "... the [John Yoo-Jay Bybee] memos were crafted specifically to explain why the techniques were not torture." This, of course, is precisely why those men face disciplinary, and possible criminal, proceedings. Some of the "techniques" - no, torture - which he (and they) want to defend are those same crimes for which we joined the prosecution of Japan in the International Military Tribunal.

Professor Saccone has experiences in Asia and Iraq that I have not had. I don't dispute that he has met some evil men along the way. But I don't agree that our democracy should model its behavior by the standards of dictatorships and terrorists.

If the Post-Gazette believes that there could be "another side" to this story, then you ought to join those of us calling for a thorough investigation of the matter. But you aren't helping when you publish inflammatory nonsense presented as "balance."




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