Irresponsible idea

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding the May 25 article "Rendell Eyes Tax on Natural Gas Wells": I see Gov. Ed Rendell is at it again! Instead of reducing expenditures, he is trying to push through a tax increase on drillers extracting natural gas in Pennsylvania.

The environmentalists in support of this tax argue that it is due because 1) other states do it, and 2) drillers haven't had to pay a fee and should. Can't argue with that solid logic?! Pennsylvania has a great opportunity to create jobs and pull in revenue that isn't tax or gambling money! However, Gov. Rendell chooses to squash this opportunity by taxing it because he continues to overspend and is trying to dig up money wherever he can find it.

The Revenue Department secretary states that companies won't walk away because of the wealth of natural gas resources that Pennsylvania possesses. If they can't make a reasonable profit, they will certainly move on or pass this increase onto the taxpayers for the end product.

I hope the state Legislature sees through this and does not let our tax-and-spend governor get away with this. Mr. Rendell, try to run this state with some responsibility.




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