Spruce up the stack

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Since it's such a great year in 'Burgh sports, why not show it off to baseball fans from our fabulous PNC Park? You know, take advantage of that gorgeous skyline that we can't get enough of when sitting there.

Like many other sports fans, my family and I have been to other cities' ballparks and none rival our fantastic venue. But, hey, wait a minute! What's that huge ugly pipe/smokestack/chimney-looking object marring our view? (Sit anywhere from home plate along the third-base line and look across the river to see what I mean.) Can't we spruce it up a bit?

Looks to me like a blank canvas waiting for ... say, a picture/painting of two trophies, one atop the other? Maybe Lord Stanley with the Super Bowl trophy sitting in his cup?

I remember a few years back talking to then-Mayor Tom Murphy and he mentioned his dilemma with that scar on the landscape. Realizing that it's probably a necessity (it is, right?), let's do something about it!

Who knows, maybe we can leave room for the World Series trophy (a fan can dream, right?).




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