More to the tea party

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

It's obvious that the PG's Dan Simpson, despite his evident sympathy for the tea party movement's rage at Washington spending ("Washington Leeches," March 24 column), sees only the stereotypical media narrative of the movement: "too bigoted, too old," and crazy.

It's only natural that a movement based on opposition to federal power would attract paranoids and racists, but there is also a large chunk of it that is my age (33) or younger, who are not racist, homophobic or old, but intensely dislike government interventions of many types -- not only the profligate spending of our money, but also federal interference with states' marital, drug or gun policies.

It's a shame Mr. Simpson doesn't seem to see that part of the movement. It might give him a little more hope for the future.




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