Flawed conclusions

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

The LA Fitness center shooting was shocking and horrific ("Four Dead in Fitness Center Shooting," Aug. 5). Like my fellow Pittsburghers, my prayers are for the victims and their families, who have greatly suffered. This crime is gut-wrenching and sickening, senseless and tragic. We Pittsburghers will continue to mourn the loss of the three women who were killed. Likewise, we will pray for healing for the other nine victims' deep emotional scars and physical wounds.

That said, I cannot connect the dots between the motives and actions of one mentally-deranged individual and how women are treated overall by society. As a 49-year-old woman and lifetime Pittsburgher, I vehemently disagree that we live in "a climate of hate against women" ("Crimes Against Women Decried, " Aug. 7).

My husband and I are rearing my three sons to be good Christian men, who treat everyone they meet with respect. Yet how I rear my sons is completely unrelated to the physical, genetic, psychological and environmental causes of severe mental illnesses. (I assume from his writings that George Sodini had an untreated mental illness, although we may never know for certain.)

Why isn't there more outrage? The question sounds more like an accusation in the PG article. Helplessness, shock, horror and grief may be more indicative of what folks are feeling.

Not long ago the lives of three police officers were lost, all of whom were male. Victims and perpetrators of crimes include men, women and children. A killing spree should reflect only on the perpetrator(s). It is failed logic to draw conclusions about an entire society based on the motives and actions of one individual.




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