Those screaming loudest still cry for their share

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Uninformed people making spectacles of themselves (such as those screeching at Sen. Arlen Specter and other lawmakers), for every news media camera in the world to photograph, are an embarrassment to all American citizens who want to know the facts about health care.

These unfortunates have been propagandized by deceitful loudmouths (traitors to the United States) who spread fear and confusion based on bald-faced lies. The hoodwinked victims do their handlers' bidding by marching into the streets and screaming down any sensible discussion. What good does that do?

They cry "socialism" but hold out their hands for their share of Medicare and Social Security. And they will be the first ones to scream for government help if the H1N1 flu hits their towns. It's pathetic. Their behavior is offensive to anyone who wants to do the next right thing.

The question is: What is the best thing to do to get high-quality health care at a reasonable price?




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