Vick's employment

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding Tony Norman's remarks concerning Michael Vick in his Aug. 21 column ("A Barney Frank Smackdown! You Go!").

Yes, Michael Vick has paid his debt to society; yes, truly repentant people deserve a second chance; and yes, he must have felt very sorry for his "mistake" when that cell door clanged shut on him.

How much more manly it would have been if he had applied for a minimum-paying job at a veterinary hospital or an animal shelter where he would do hands-on work with abused animals instead of looking for a job making millions running around with a football in his hands!

Let's hope that for the rest of his life, most of those millions go to such worthy causes. But will any amount of money really teach him that he didn't make a mistake -- he committed a horrible crime?

Mt. Lebanon


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