UPMC should be about much more than money

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Steve Twedt's piece in Sunday's edition was a love song to efficiency above humanity, profit over compassion with the "experts" Mr. Twedt quotes each contributing a verse ("Empty Beds, Not Empty Coffers Forced Hospital Closing," Oct. 25). However, they neither live in our community, nor have to worry about where their own health care is coming from. I hope their respective employers are appalled, as I am, by what they've said.

Our community just didn't suddenly stop using UPMC Braddock in 2008. The decline in admissions coincides perfectly with UPMC's acquisition of its Monroeville site. Three hospitals - UPMC Braddock, UPMC McKeesport and Monroeville - and one facility, financially, must go. From there it was purely a business decision, a view crassly advocated by Mr. Twedt's sources.

I still harbor a great deal of appreciation for the contributions UPMC Braddock has made in the community and in the county as a whole. However, I am deeply saddened by the modus operandi to effectively "blame the victim," that somehow Braddock brought this on ourselves.

The bottom line: The losses UPMC Braddock produced (and will no longer carry) will underwrite the construction of the Monroeville facility. This is great news for everyone in Monroeville (except the giant hospital already in Monroeville) and those in the "let them eat cake" camp, like professors Steve Foreman and Martin Gaynor, can rejoice that ruthless efficiency has indeed vanquished community compassion.

Here in Braddock, we will deeply grieve the loss of a vitally important community asset, partner and friend.








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