A true privilege

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding the passing of baseball legend Wallace "Bucky" Williams ("Played for Pittsburgh Negro League Teams," Nov. 18 news obituary):

I had the privilege to meet "Bucky" this summer as he was in rehab at a skilled nursing facility while I was there for two weeks.

This lovely, quiet, unassuming gentleman greeted me with a smile every morning while doing his rehab in his wheelchair.

I would say to him, "a swing and a miss Bucky" and he would show me the proper way to hold my imaginary baseball bat.

When my two grandsons, who love sports, would come to visit me, I desperately wanted them to meet Bucky, but alas he was never in his room, which was on the same floor. One evening I did see him sitting watching TV with other patients.

I truly feel sorry for his loss, but he was 102 and seemed to have peace on his face the entire time I saw him.

His caregiver took him home to Penn Hills shortly before I left the nursing home.

It was an honor and a privilege to meet Bucky. I will not forget him.




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