Reform, then tweak

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Jason Altmire and his tribe get a small tip of the hat for at least focusing on the only nonideological pothole in the path to sensible, effective health-care reform: cost matters. Our current huge costs are at the heart of the matter. However, any mediocre legislator -- and there's no shortage -- can sit on his hands and boo-hoo reform to death. It takes actual leadership to do what so obviously must happen: affordable, universal care, with much-needed competition coming from a public option.

In our inefficient, inadequate and unsustainable system, Americans are paying far more than citizens pay in other modern countries and too often face financial disaster in a severe health crisis. Our profit-driven system is a disgrace to a benevolent country. There is certainly funding and long-term savings to be found in reform. It's happened elsewhere. We need to put reform in place, then tweak it until it's right.

The only question is whether our own politicians have adequate wit and will to do so.

Doesn't seem promising.




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