The dirtiest job is too disgusting for viewership

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

There's a reality show called "Dirty Jobs." The purpose of the show is to exhibit jobs that are physically filthy in one way or another and the "star" of the show participates in the dirty job by actually working at it for some period.

The one job that is at least peopled by the dirtiest personnel will most likely never be on this show. This job is being a member of a legislature at either the state or national level. These characters seem to have no character. Their apparent only purpose is to enrich themselves at the expense of their constituency. Alas, they make the all-too-often accurate assumption that we voters are not only ignorant of the goings-on in a legislature but also that they can tell us the sky is falling and we'll believe them.

What can we do? Not much really. They will go on doing what their benefactors want because they are aware of where the butter for their bread originates.

Mark Twain suggested that there were two things we should never watch being made, sausage and laws. I don't know about sausage, but because of the all-too-ready access to information about our lawmakers' actions we get to observe them in all their revolting and disgusting activity.


Mount Washington


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