A privacy exchange?

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Let's see, conservatives. You don't want any money, public or private, to go to a public health-care system, or to fund birth control or abortions. Neither do you want to feed, clothe, house or be bled dry by the poor. (Apparently, there are no poor, uninsured, unemployed Republicans who would benefit from a public health-care option out there.)

Conversely, funding for wars, executions and privateering is great. Sigh. Same old, same old.

So, you conservatives want to control/influence very private aspects of a woman's health by legislating it.

How badly do you want that influence? Are you willing to allow the public to sit in on your patient-doctor visits in exchange for it?

In a spirit of sharing, I'd be willing to sit in the office with you while you discuss your intimate issues with your doctor. I could weigh in with my opinion about your use of Viagra, alcohol and tobacco (and whether your insurers should consider you worthy of that coronary bypass after such abuses), Rogaine, birth control and food. After a fair discussion, we three could form a consensus and vote on your options. Someone would be assigned to follow up and make your behavior, compliance or noncompliance a matter of public record.

I don't know why someone hasn't come up with this idea already; it's fairly equitable. So, gentlemen and gentlewomen, are you willing to ante up? Your privacy and control in exchange for mine? If you aren't, then show some maturity and quit blowing smoke. There are voters in your districts who need a public health-care option.





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