Salt sense: Better labeling and less sodium are healthy choices

Written by Susan Mannella on .

To improve consumers' ability to make nutritious choices, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration made truthful nutrition labeling on food products a top priority. To reduce consumption of a common nutrient that can pose health problems, the largest U.S. food maker has announced a move to cut salt in its products by 10 percent over the next two years.

Better compliance by food manufacturers with FDA labeling rules and the action of Kraft Foods Inc., among others, to voluntarily reduce sodium in hundreds of products, benefit health-conscious Americans.

Consuming vast amounts of sodium, much of it found in processed foods, can contribute to high blood pressure, which can lead to stroke, kidney disease, heart disease or heart failure. Dietary guidelines usually advise healthy adults to restrict themselves to a teaspoon or 2,300 milligrams of sodium a day.

Kraft and other food makers have cut their use of sodium in recent years but the latest changes go even further. With information about the nutrient content of food more important than ever, given the prevalence of obesity and diet-related diseases, it's good to know that some in the food industry are helping us to eat healthier.


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