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Written by Jon Schmitz on .


Welcome to The Roundabout, the PG’s blog on transportation issues.

The name comes from an increasingly popular and effective traffic management system — roundabouts are cousins of the old traffic circle and have been shown to reduce crashes and improve flow at crowded intersections. You get rid of the traffic lights and put everyone in a circle, with entering traffic yielding to those already in.

Roundabouts also can be aesthetically striking.

We have a few in West Pa. — at St. Vincent College, in Cranberry and one that is being built in Rochester in Beaver County. My favorite one to drive through is in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

We have plenty of weird five- or six-way intersections that would be good candidates to become roundabouts. I’m thinking of that ridiculous one at the Corrigan Drive entrance to South Park.

My intention is to pass along news and insight from across the transportation landscape and create a forum for your questions and comments. So bring ‘em on. Better to expend your road rage here than on the highways, no?

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