Wood St. escalator: Things looking up?

Written by Jon Schmitz on .

Port Authority says it is repairing the "up" escalator from the mezzanine to street level at Wood Street station, which has been balky for several weeks. It had the escalator shut down on Tuesday and will continue repairs "sporadically" for the coming week. An elevator is available to those who cannot climb stairs.
G2 West Busway-Oakland will continue to use the designation G2 West Busway-Oakland, but will serve all West Busway stops between Carnegie and Sheraden stations. This restores direct service between Carnegie and Oakland. All West Busway stops will be pick-up and discharge both inbound and outbound. In Oakland, service on Bellefield, Forbes and Craft avenues will be discontinued. Instead, the G2 will continue down Fifth Avenue to Downtown using the Boulevard of the Allies, Crosstown and 7th Avenue Ramp.     

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