Making a sartorial statement of solidarity

Written by Erich Schwartzel on .

Let's face it: The most common wardrobe item seen on Black Friday shoppers is a pair of pajama pants.

But almost as common this year? Team T-shirts.

Several groups of shoppers at Westmoreland Mall this morning donned custom-made T-shirts for the early-morning shopping spree. Some were flourescent yellow -- the better to be seen among the maze of perfume displays and mannequins. Others were bought online and then customized, with names across the back like sports jerseys.

A group of four women standing outside the Macy's printed this on the front of their shirts:

"Gas: $45. Babysitter: $20. Coffee: $15. Getting up at 3 a.m. to go shopping on Black Friday: PRICELESS."

It wasn't quite priceless, though, considering they posed for a picture next to a shopping cart full of bags from JCPenney's. 

Another "team" consisted of three generations -- there was the grandma (the back of her shirt read "Gram"), the mother (hers said "Sleepy") and a granddaughter ("OMG SHOES").

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