Sometimes people just like being part of the crowd


Yeah, yeah. They know.

People know that they can get deals on other days. They know they can check prices online. They know that there will be crowds and lines and parking craziness.

But Steelers games have crowds and lines and parking craziness, too, and people still go to them even if the tickets never come with a discount.

“Black Friday is an event, an annual ritual that, for many, marks the opening of the holiday season,” said Wendy Liebmann, CEO of New York consulting firm WSL/Strategic Retail. “The excitement of getting to stores early, hunting down hot items and even picking up a few special gifts for themselves, all factor into the emotional draw of Black Friday – often outweighing the promise of getting the lowest price.”

In a study, the firm found 88 percent of Black Friday shoppers know they can check promotion prices online ahead of time.

Other findings:
·       80 percent say shopping on Black Friday means they are able to get their holiday shopping done early;
·      More than 75 percent say they shop to get in the holiday spirit;
·      60 percent say shopping on Black Friday is a tradition for them.

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