Spencer West, man with no legs, teaches OYW to "redefine possible"

Written by Mila Sanina on .

Spencer West lost his both legs when he was five. Doctors told his parents that Spencer would never be able to sit up or walk or be a fully functioning member of society. But his ambition and determination took him far. Very far. To the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa. He traveled with his friends to raise fund for Free the Chidren, a non-profit group that builds schools.  Spencer made 80% of the journey on his hands. The trip lasted seven days. The day they made it to the top was the day when possible was redefined.

"There's no CAN'T or WON'T, just HOW," he said to One Young World delegates today in Pittsburgh. 

Photo by Nicole Pontes ‏@nikki_pontes: Spencer West

Spencer West keeps overcoming adversity and advancing positive change by being involved with Free the Children. He told the delegates how his work with Free the Children made him realize that he could help people by sharing his story.

When he traveled to Kenya with Free the Children for the first time, one girl said to him: "I didn't know something like this [meaning the loss of his legs -- MS] could happen to white people." That's when he realized that there was value to his story: "Everybody in the world has challenges," he said.

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