Day 2: Speakers and delegates discuss education, food

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After yesterday's celebrations, inspirational speeches at the opening ceremony and the rainy Pittsburgh night, the second day of the One Young World Summit opened with a speech by song writer, singer and actress Joss Stone. 

"Hold on to your fire," she said to the young delegates. "If you aren't heard the first time then speak a little louder."

"You have to focus on what you're doing to achieve your goal," Ms. Stone said. 

Tweet from @SamanthaKEO: Amazing Joss Stone on stage at @OneYoungWorld talking about her inspiration.

A plenary session on education featured Pete Cashmore, James Chau, Elio Leoni- Sceti, Fatima Bhutto. The education penelist first introduced six returning ambassadors from Rwanda, India, Spain, Belize, Indonesia, and Canada. They spoke about importance of literacy, knowledge and education opportunities and what they do to solve literacy problems in their communities: gender gap, poverty, computer illiteracy, etc.:

"It is great to be born as a human being, but I believe... it is great to die a human doing," said Sujit Lalwani, One Young World Ambassador from India.

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Catherine Uwimana from Rwanda quoted Mahatma Gandhi: "Be the change you want to see in the world." And then she added: " You can start with something small: say an encouraging word or lend a book.

Charming Jamie Oliver appeared at the Summit this morning, asked the delegates about what matters the most to them about food and nutrition in their countries. 

"Obesity is harming now more people than malnutrition," he said and argued that good nutrition is achievable on a global scale, people just need to want it. 

Photo by Taylor Cook, Youth Media
The list of speakers also included Jan Peter Balkenende, former prime minister of the Netherlands, Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day, and Ken Roth, the executive director of the Human Rights Watch. The delegates enjoy learning from the high-profile figures as much as they seem to enjoy the host city. Here is a video of One Young World delegates talking about Pittsburgh and their experiences at the One Young World Summit. (Video by Bayer Corporation) 

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