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Every year (well actually this is the second year) TechMan makes a holiday tech gift wish list. And every year he doesn't receive any of the items on the list.

Last year, TechMan handed Santa a list totaling just under $200,000. What he found under the tree Christmas morning were gifts totaling $0.

So it is time to change tactics. This year I am appealing to patriotism.

We have been told that the problem with our economy is that consumers have stopped spending. So spend. Of course, since no one has any money except car company CEOs and the heads of failed investment banks, we'll have to take on debt we can't afford, using credit we're sure to default on.

Wait, isn't that what got us into this in the first place?

So think not what your country can spend for you, but what you can spend for your country. Price is no object since you won't get any of this stuff anyway.

Last year, TechMan requested an Asus EEE ultramobile PC. Did he get one? This year he still wants a small light "netbook" meant for Web surfing, e-mail and other everyday tasks. And this year there are more choices.

Asus has added to its line with larger screens and more memory. A model in the 900 line for about $330 would be fine. But the Dell Mini 9, the Lenovo IdeaPad S10, or the MSI Wind are all fine netbooks. Any one would do.

When times are tough, people tend to nest -- and part of that is getting their entertainment at home. But that does not mean we can't still spend. TechMan would like to make the movies, music and TV programs that reside on his computer available to all the devices in his house. For this he will need a media center extender.

One of the first widely popular ones was the Apple TV and it is a fine device for about $320. But there have been others coming out to work with the Media Center in Windows Vista and XP. Of those, the HP MediaSmart Connect in the $300 range would be fine. The XBox 360 with 60 GB hard drive (about $250) is a good media extender and you get a gaming machine to boot.

With all those movies and TV programs to store, TechMan needs some additional hard disk space. Being a loyal Pittsburgher and knowing that Seagate has a facility in our fine city, the Seagate FreeAgent Xtreme 1.5 terabyte (1,500 gigabytes or 1.5 trillion bytes) external drive (about $250) would be just the ticket.

Of course, TechMan needs something to watch all this media on. Although Samsung has shown a 102-inch plasma TV and an 82-inch LCD TV, they are not on the market yet. So TechMan will have to settle for something a little smaller. The Pioneer Kuro 60-inch Pro-151FD for an MSRP of $6,500 should do the trick.

A good home theater setup needs a good sound system. The Bose 3-2-1 GSX Series III for about $1,350 looks like a good one.

And there are times when TechMan will need to leave the nest and go out into the cold cruel world. That would be a lot more enjoyable with a pair of Sennheiser MX W1 in-ear wireless earphones. Eliminates getting the cord caught in your zipper, a problem TechMan constantly has.

Finally, the most expensive of last year's gifts that TechMan didn't receive was the Bentley Continental GTC convertible at $190, 000.

In recognition of hard economic times and worry about the planet, TechMan will back off on that a little. Instead, he'd like the all-electric Tesla Roadster. With a top speed of 125 mph and 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, it is sporty and green (about $109,000 of green). Right now they are taking orders for cars a year in the future, so don't delay.

So there it is, a complete list of gifts that TechMan won't get for the holidays. Maybe this will give our readers some ideas for gifts they won't get.

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