Digital TV switch delayed until June 12

Written by Ced Kurtz on .

The U.S. Senate on Monday approved a measure to delay the switch to digital TV broadcasts until June 12th.  Without the bill, broadcasters across the U.S. would have ceased their analog transmissions by February 17th.

The original transition to digital TV ran aground earlier this month when the program's funding limit had been reached, forcing the Commerce Department to place people on a waiting list for the $40 converter box vouchers.

The beneficiaries of the move from analog to digital TV - mostly cell carriers like Verizon and AT&T- have said that a delay in the transition is something they can get behind, which makes one wonder if they actually have planned for that swath of the spectrum.

Source: Wall Street Journal, TV Converter Box Coupon Program web site

UPDATE: House vote on the bill failed to get enough votes to pass the measure, so it looks like the delay isn't going to happen after all.


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