A1c test to celebrate

Written by David Templeton on .

Happy surprises occur every once in a while. One happened to me Tuesday when I received my most recent HgAq1c or HbA1c reading from endocrinologist, Dr. Vijay Bahl of UUPMC Shadyside.

It was 5.5 percent. I was expecting a 6 percent or higher

Normal generally is 4 to 6 percent, so 5.5 percent is smack in the normal range. It maintains my run of 15 years of remaining in the normal range, with my highest reading of  6 percent occurring iin the fall of 2008. Butt I have excuses for that reading.

This time, I thought it would be high due to surprising fluctuations that were hard to control over the holidays. Without reason, my readings would climb above 200 mg/dL. Understand that the A1c  records an overall blood-glucose reading for two to three months.  

Happy result, for sure.

Such results require dutiful testing of blood sugar. I test 15 to 20 times daily. It might sound excessive, but I have the results to show its value.

Next time -- my next appointment is May --I expect my A1c to drop closer to 5. Typically it is about 5.3.  My lowest was 4.8, but Dr. Bahl said that's too low. It leaves me too vulnerable to hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar episodes, which can cause unconsciousness and, if left untreated, death. So the low 5's are fine with me.

But now I must go.

Tiime to test my blood sugar..



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