Holey couches, Batman! (updated)

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .

Students find a prize at last year's furnituresale.

By Diana Nelson Jones

It's that time of year when a young college student's fancy turns to thoughts of ‘Oh no! Where are my friends going to crash after a beer bash? Gotta get a couch!'

Returnees to Oakland's plethora of campi can find them cheap this weekend.

Oakland is holding its fourth annual furniture recycling sale Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. UPDATE: The location has been changed because of the rain. It is being held at the former Three RIvers Fitness Center, 3216 5th Ave.  Some really nice couches are available for as little as $50.

The idea sprang from the problem of abandoned furniture at the end of every school year. Students would lug old furniture to the curb when they left in the spring and, as you can imagine, it would get gross waiting for the garbage truck.

The Oakland Planning and Development Corp. figured out that, if they could get ahold of this furniture while it was still reuseable, they could spare the neighborhood and the landfill.

Kelly Wawrzeniak, community organizer, said OPD does not offer any incentive other than the merits of recycling. The money OPDC makes allows it to hold another sale next year.

The sale is open to anyone, but OPDC targets students.

"We have lots of couches, a ton of chairs, a lot of desks, tables, some shelves, dressers, and a few lamps," Kelly said.

This year, Pitt donated some dorm dinette sets, the Carnegie Library donated some furniture from the East Liberty branch, which is getting a facelift, and a landlord who furnishes his apartments has donated some nice couches, she said.

Ratty couches and ones with ugly patterns will go for $15-20. But just remember, don't put them on the porch.

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