GVSBP's new name in limbo (news flash update!)

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .

by Diana Nelson Jones/April 26

And speaking of Grand View Scenic Byways Park .....

... it still has that cumbersome name because the city has not yet passed judgment on the name that emerged from a contest ... last summer.

Walkabout has a call in to the city to find out what makes okaying a name so complicated. (Having a call in to the city to find out anything is sometimes like trying to find the mate to your missing sock along the interstate.) We admit this request is comparatively trifling, but, hey!

update: The mayor's spokesperson, Joanna Doven, called us to say that the city should be coming out with its approval "any day now." The hold-up was over whether the chosen name might have legal claim elsewhere. The legal department had to clear it first.

The naming contest ended last August, although it did take until December for the chosen name to get kicked on for city approval.

Ilyssa Manspeizer, the park's manager, wrote that 726 votes were cast, one from as far away as Tehran, Iran.  The Mount Washington Community Development Corp. worked with Visit Pittsburgh on this. Visit Pittsburgh tallied the votes and selected the top vote-getter. The naming committee met at the end of October to validate the results and the CDC's Park and Conservation Advisory Board met in early December to accept the results.

J.T. Smith of the MWCDC sent this link to show you a map of the park:

C'mon, city. Don't let this poor park live with seven syllables for much longer. Think of that kid who had to schlep to first grade as Wilfred Everest Tuddington III wishing he could be Jimmy Kelly. You know a park's name is too long when its acronym sounds like the name of a soul band from the 1970s.

We are eager to report the winning name and we hope to do it soon. This matter probably got lost under the weightier paperwork of city business, but a good policy is to get the easy stuff off the plate and out of the way.

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