"Expired Mills..." an inspiring show

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .


Post-industrial Pittsburgh is coming to grips with an identity that looks very different from the landscape and lives that were forged by the industry we’ve lost.

Can there be a fusion of the Pittsburgh that’s so deeply etched in the national psyche and the city that’s emerging?

Maybe only in memory, but the more remnants we reuse, the more likely the old and new identities can fuse into something tangible that’s wholly unique in America.

These are some thoughts that drifted through my head as I studied the paintings and photographs in the show “Expired Mills, Inspired Landscapes” last weekend at Galerie Werner at the Mansions on Fifth, 5105 Fifth Ave. in Shadyside.

It is an assembly of industrial and post-industrial images, which include portraits of people and iconic steel mills. In many a background and foreground, other local images provide sense-of-place perspective.

The show includes the works of Peggi Habets, Claire Hardy, Jeannie McGuire, Mark Perrott, Ron Schaefer and Christine Swann.

The closing date of the show has been extended from the end of this year through Jan. 15. It is well worth a visit to the magnificent Mansions on Fifth if you haven’t been inside. The former estate is now a boutique hotel in two buildings just east of Amberson.

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