I want to drive that red shoe!

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Tonight’s Unblurred street event on Penn Avenue through Garfield and parts of Bloomfield and Friendship will offer many people their first look at art cars. Artists started the movement of decorating cars as a way to show their art when galleries wouldn’t.

These moving exhibitions range from the weird to the sublime. The P-G carried my story today describing the efforts of Jason Sauer — owner of the Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery at 5015 Penn — to get more local eyeballs on the art car experience and to fuel a movement here.artcar2

I think it was in Bradenton, Fla. where I saw my first art car. It was painted in swirls and flying pebbles and stars that signified an explosion. On top of the car, a mass of plastic creatures included pterodactyls, triceratops, a big T-Rex, stegosaurus and a road-kill armadillo.

It was the car that it’s owner drove to all the places people drive to -- to work, the grocery store, to visit grandpa in the hospital.

I tried to imagine what it would be like to get out of that car in the parking lot of an Albertson’s and see the looks on all the faces of local shoppers.

The car delighted me. The whole idea delighted me, that Detroit is rolling out car after car of monotonous paint -- empty canvases.

artcar1Most people choose a car and then a color preference -- white, red, metallic gold and black seem to be the most popular.

But someone thought to glue the first button on a car, then came strings of baubles, sea shells, plastic Army guys, plastic pineapples, dried out gourds, glass from broken mirrors, coffee mugs, Barbie dolls, laminated Pirates tickets from the past 20 years ... the choices are endless.

It almost makes me want to go out and get a beater.

Jason Sauer’s art car show is free to all tomorrow from noon to 4p. A jury will chose what its members consider the best one, but there’s also a popular vote category.

There will be a live car painting and opportunities for kids to paint little cars.

To give you a preview of what’s out there, I’m including a few images from the Art Car Museum in Houston. You can see all of them here.


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