A window on August Wilson's world

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .


The August Wilson home that sits behind a storefront at 1727 Bedford Ave. is destined, if all the fates align and the money comes in, to become part of a complex that will house and mentor writers, artists and musicians and provide a setting for public arts events.

The Daisy Wilson Artist Community, named for the late playwright’s mother, is still a nascent effort, led by August WIlson’s nephew, Paul Ellis, and Renew Pittsburgh director Kevin Acklin.

In the right order of priorities, the board that formed around this non-profit first put on a new roof and cleared the place of its musty dust and stuff. Masonry work is next. And then, in the spring, maybe a national historic designation.

Today I got a look inside for the first time since 2010, when the place was dank and positively ramshackle. Today it is clean, clear and dry. The photo shows a view through the window of what was Bella Siger’s Market, looking out onto Bedford at the mouth of Roberts Street.

Stay posted for a longer article in the Post-Gazette.

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