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Davison Street in Lawrenceville is too narrow for street trees but it’s going green tomorrow with a morning blitz of flower box planting.

Lawrenceville United is calling for volunteers to come out from 9a to 1p and help hand out and plant plants, dispense soil and clean-up on the block between 44th and 45th Streets.

More than 20 residents said yes to this pilot program of LU. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's Love Your Block program said yes with a $1,000 grant — a partnership with the Home Depot Foundation — and the Urban Redevelopment Authority said yes with a grant of $4,500.

Harry Geyer of Geyer Construction installed the boxes for free.

LU wants to carry the window box pilot forward on other narrow streets, Lauren Byrne, LU’s executive director, said.

“We get so many street tree requests but a lot of streets are too narrow, so this was an idea the Tree Tenders had to green up the street in some other way,” she said. “We wanted to show the difference it can make to encourage other property owners to do this.

"We had about 90% participation” on Davison, she said, and those residents “signed off on keeping them maintained and replanting them in the spring.”

photo: of Davison Street homes with boxes ready to be filled, taken by Becky Thatcher of Lawrenceville United

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