A call for zone defense

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That sign beneath the bus stop sign is the new logo for a new initiative the city has just launched under the Greater Redd-Up Frenzy of Initiatives despite which the city's streets still look like you-know-what much of the time.

Litter bugs cost us so much time and money but thank goodness there are people who want to work for free to undo what they're doing.

The Redd-Up Zone program is the latest way for volunteer groups to team with the city to cover large swaths of territory, and this one has accountability built in -- you sign a contract, schedule at least four clean-ups a year and report back to the city on the conditions in your zone.

Boy Scouts Troop #73 in Larryville and the Heinz History Center have signed on to be the first Redd Up Zone adopters. The scouts are committing to 34th street through 38th street on Butler Avenue and Mulberry Way.

The Heinz History Center will do Penn and Smallman between 11th and 14th Streets.

In the photo above, which was provided by the mayor's office, Andy Masich, the president and CEO of the history center, stands just to the left of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. Andy said four times a year is minimum, that the commitment to cleaning up should be as chronic as the problem.

"We have to change this culture," he said, "and it takes vigilence."

People who adopt a zone get their group's name on the sign, telling people that this is their zone and not to mess with it. It doesn't exactly say that, but that's the intent.

OK, so, who's taking the next zone? Step right up.

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