The $30 question

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .

The Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation has posed a challenge to architecture buffs out there.decodetail

If you can correctly identify the original and current names of the building that has this detail on it, you could win a year’s membership to the PHLF.

That’ll save you $30.

When I saw this photo, I thought immediately of Tulsa, OK! where I once lived. Having been built as a boom town in the 1920s, it is loaded with Art Deco treasures.

Pittsburgh doesn’t have a lot of Art Deco, so when I see it, I note it. I think I know where this one is and am eager to find out if it’s somewhere other than where I have in mind.

If you know Art Deco style, both the fanciful earlier examples and the more utilitarian ones in the ‘30s, comment and let me know. I’m needing a little Tulsa fix. And good luck if you send in your answers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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