Polish Hill couple honored

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .

Steep neighborhoods require steep commitment, and Polish Hill has it in spades. PH has numerous residents who do heavy lifting for the benefit of their ‘hood.

In particular, the work of Jennifer Kirk and Patrick Singleton and their collaboration with the Department of Public Works on the city’s Stair Stewards program was honored this week in city council by Patrick Dowd, their representative on council.Stair_Stewards

Jennifer, a Pittsburgh-area native, and Patrick, who moved here from Portland, Ore., are members of the Polish Hill Civic Association’s Green Team, which plants on vacant lots and removes trash, weeds and snow. (The two of them are on the left in the photo with Bill Crean of public works and the councilman on the right.)

Last year was the first for the city’s Stair Stewards. Pittsburgh has more city steps than any city, beating out the only two contenders -- San Francisco and Cincinnati -- by hundreds, with 712 sets.

If you want more information about the program, contact the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works at 412.255.2790.

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