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by Diana Nelson Jones/May 20

A Carson Street scene that's pretty neat just as it is

For some reason so far this year, volunteers have been coming out of the woodwork to help the South Side. You may not recognize them as such since they don't have identifying headdresses, branding scars or accents, but you see their work everywhere you go.

In Walkabout's motto booklet, there's this one: Volunteers are to neighborhoods what gravity is to earth.

Can you even imagine a world in which everyone does a little pitching in every day?

Me neither.

But, on the South Side, more than 1,000 people - and that's not counting all the people who live in the South Side and the Slopes who do volunteer work for their neighborhood regularly - have been donating time since March, when 100 Carnegie Mellon University students helped clean up and clear invasive plants from Southside Park and APril, when 150 Duquesne University helped with clean-up projects.

We know this because Rick Belolli, head of the South Side Local Development Co. called to let us know. Thanks, Rick.

This Saturday, Lifestone Church will have 300 volunteers doing community service projects, including helping business owners on East Carson Street with window washing and various spiffing-up projects.

"It just started happening," Rick said. "We kept getting calls from groups wanting to volunteer."

Now see, that's love. People pitching in when they could curl up and watch "Glee" with a bag of Cheetos. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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