Discovering Our Son Had Downs

Written by Karen on .


Blogger: The Rocking Pony, Somerset

We didn't know Micah had Downs before birth. When our fourth child was handed to us we were very proud parents indeed. We did the usual "he looks like" game and I was adamant that he had Luke's mouth. I just couldn't place the eyes. They looked like nobody's in the family. How nice that he's his own little person and not a mini-me of someone.

The next morning the pediatrician came in for his morning rounds. Oh so casually he said they were testing our son for Down syndrome. With his strong accent surely he didn't say what he just said. I questioned, he repeated.

And then the world stopped.


Karen is a mother of four, parenting teens, tweens, and Micah, who was blessed with Down syndrome. Her life is crazy busy, and she wouldn't change a bit of it even if she could. Her blog post about going back to work was previously featured on PlayGround.

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