The Killing at the Zoo

Written by Tamara Reese on .


Blogger: Tamara Reese (for, Squirrel Hill

Sunday afternoon a 2-year-old was killed at our zoo in Pittsburgh after falling into the Painted Dog exhibit.

The words "mauled to death" almost made me sick as tears welled up in my eyes. I take my kids to that zoo almost weekly. My 2-year-old just started walking on his own instead of seeing the animals from the safety of his stroller. I wear my infant and push the empty stroller, just in case he gets tired and wants to climb in for a ride. I am often preoccupied with the bulky stroller or fussy baby and he runs ahead a little. The other day I turned my head for a moment and lost him over near the Komodo dragon exhibit. A moment. Read more...

Tamara Reese is a qualitative epidemiologist turned stay-at-home-Mama turned consultant for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and contributing editor at She is the mother of two boys and her passions include child injury prevention, gentle parenting, and breastfeeding advocacy. Her post on baby name battles was also featured on PlayGround.

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