How Does One Make Life Happen When One Works?

Written by Karen on .


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So here's the thing. After 17 and a half years, I'm officially working. And you know this because you've been reading here and are thinking, "sheesh, she acts like she's the only person to ever work and balance a family." Which I'm not, of course, but I have a renewed appreciation for those who do this regularly. And I had a very healthy appreciation for them to begin with. So this pretty much means that I now worship the ground you walk on, because truly, the only way you ever get through life is to perform miracles. And possibly walk on water.

Question: How does one make life happen when one works? I'm thinking the term "working lunch" happens every single day, doesn't it?


Karen is a mother of four, parenting teens, tweens, and Micah, who was blessed with Down syndrome. Her life is crazy busy, and she wouldn't change a bit of it even if she could.

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