The Nasty Dead Bug Water Cure

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North Hills

It wasn't enough that our kids' toy clutter covered every surface inside our house. It had started to ooze its way outside onto our deck and patio.  Balls, buckets, shovels, water table toys, etc. Above, I offer up Exhibit 1.

We had been trying to keep them contained in this blue bin, but then it rains and the whole thing fills up with nasty dead-bug water. Without fail, the next time the kids go outside to play, my younger son beelines for the bin, jams his little hands into the water, and splashes the dead bug juice all over himself.  That is when my husband suggested that we find something to hang on this wall that would also drain the toys.


Hmm, the wire container bins at TJ Maxx for $30 would be perfect except they would rust. UNLESS you gave it a good dousing of black Rustoleum spray paint. In that case, you would have the perfect outdoor toy bin.


My husband also hung the metal hose holder I purchased on clearance at Target last summer for $11, and we are now a clutter free deck (mostly). It has all worked so well that in hindsight, I would have spent the extra $15 and purchased the bigger container bin from TJ Maxx (with three slots). In that case, I would have needed two cans of Rustoleum because I used the whole can on the bin I did buy.


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