What Passes for Naptime

Written by Jennifer on .


Blogger: Masquerading as a Normal Person, Highland Park

Live-blogging "nap" time because if I don't find the humor in this situation, I might start weeping.

1:09: My daughter climbs into bed with Itchy Frog and that horrible blue dolphin Pillow Pet.

1:10: “Boat! Boat on wahlah! Get on! Hurry!” She has managed to build a “boat” out of pillows and is urging Itchy Frog to save himself from certain disaster. (Irony: Frogs like water.)

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Jennifer is mom to two awesome girls, ages 4 and 11. She spends her days pretending to be normal for the sake of her coworkers and students, but vastly prefers finding -- and laughing at -- the absurd in just about any situation.

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