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One of the year’s top design trends for outdoor space is to go as natural as possible. Out with flashy, industrial, and unnaturalspaces—in with simplified, organic, and green. While this trend might be somewhat new for mainstream designers, one of Pittsburgh’s local parks has been ahead of the game for years. At Dormont Park, the playground blends in beautifully with the woodsy natural aesthetic.


Dormont Park is bordered by McFarland Rd., Dwight Ave., Dormont Ave. and Annapolis Ave. The entire castle structure is made of wood, although the park does have other fun elements mixed in that children love to explore. Aside from your typical slides, swings, and monkey bars: there are also tires for climbing, bridges for bouncing, and original works of art scattered throughout the castle maze.


For parents of younger toddlers, there is a semi-closed off area with baby swings and a picnic table. Some of the other perks of the playground are the gigantic parking lot, its close proximity to the largest pool in the state, and the tire-swing.


Though nicely shaded, the view from the benches is somewhat obstructed by the giant structure. A local parent said it the playground might be too much for his two year old, as he couldn’t give proper supervision from the bench.


Also within the park are pavilions, Pop Murray baseball field, basketball and tennis courts, and plenty of shops within walking distance. Finally, Dormont Park has it’s own Fourth of July celebration—“Dormont Day”—complete with live music, kid-friendly activities, and fireworks.


Jeannie Scott worked at Duquesne University's Child Development Center for three years before graduating in May with dual degrees in English and Secondary Education. She lives Downtown, and has nannied and babysat for families all over Pittsburgh.

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