Always Room for More Steelers

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Nursery: Aaron Michael (6 months), Munhall

I have always been a die hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan and couldn't wait to get started on Aaron's nursery. I went through all the girly pink poofy stuff with my daughter and was excited to show my Aaron how passionate I am about our football team -- win or lose. Aaron loves looking at the Steeler emblem. When we're out and about and he sees it, his face lights up with a giant smile.


I absolutely love everything in his room. When I found out that I was pregnant, I stood in line for autographs for him. I got Jerome Bettis, Antonio Brown, LaMarr Woodley, Maurkice Pouncey. They’re all in his room. My favorite thing is a ceramic frame that says, I’m told I love football. His sonogram picture (where he’s holding a photoshopped terrible towel!) is in that.


Aaron has two older sisters, 12-year-old Mikayla and 3-year-old Addison, who also helped decorate the room.There’s actually a picture of the two of them in his room both in their Steeler jerseys with a helmet to remind him of two big sisters looking after him.


I was in Century III mall with my daughter and I saw a store with Steelers stuff in the window. The large carpet is from there and the little brick that you throw at the TV. Anywhere I go, if I see Pittsburgh Steelers, I see what it is. His crib bedding, Curtains, and Diaper Bag were all made by Linda Geric, a hospice nurse who does sewing and embroidery on the side. I also buy custom onesies for him with sayings like "Forget Cartoons, The Steelers Are On" and "This is My First Steelers Training Camp" from Becca's Bows.


Mikayla wants to re-do her room. She wants her bed and everything Steelers. I said, ‘Are you sure?’ If I do another room Steelers, it’s going to be over the top.

Mei Sedlack is a proud Pittsburgh Steeler-loving mom living in Munhall.


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