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Jose Lemus, chef and owner at Los Chiludos in CanonsburgWhile Los Chiludos is a year old, I didn't hear about it until last week, when chef/owner Jose Lemus sent me an e-mail, so I'm betting other interested diners haven't heard of it either. Lemus was previously the chef at Azul Bar Y Cantina, a bright spot among a sea of mediocre Mexican food.

Los Chiludos means "The Big Pepper" and is located in Canonsburg, PA. So far, it's garnered raves on Yelp and Urbanspoon, with diners praising the "warm and engaging" owners and the "fabulous" food, especially the salsas, the carnitas and a chile rellenos special, as well as the chilango burrito ($8.35), which is one of Mr. Lemus' favorites.

A few other interesting options include sopes ($7.35), a traditional dish made from small disks formed from masa and topped with beans, meat and vegetables, and grilled tuna ($9.45) or breaded cod ($8.95) tacos with red cabbage and mango salsa.

Los Chiludos is BYOB.






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