Little Donuts, Lots of Taste

Written by China Millman on .

Little Donuts/PanchakWhen Ron Razete made his donuts at weekend festivals and outdoor events, people always had the same question. "Where can I buy these?" He didn't have an answer, because until last month he didn't have a store. It was only when he found a tiny storefront on Smallman Street, less than 300 square feet, that he thought it might be possible to open up a donut shop and make a go of it. Peace, Love and Little Donuts had found a permanent home.

He and his wife Marci specialize in little donuts, miniature treats about the size of a donut hole but shaped like a traditional donut. They're light and fluffy. almost always fresh from the fryer to your bag and finished to order with cinnamon-sugar or glaze or a variety of other delicious treatments.

In the last few weeks, word of the donut shop has begun to spread, especially on twitter . "This Saturday's our fifth Saturday and last Saturday we had lines out the door," said Ron. Though, he pointed out, it's a lot easier to have lines out the door in a shop where only a few people can comfortably stand inside. 

Donuts are sold by the dozen, or in mixed packs of fifteen. Slightly larger donuts are also available. You may soon see little donuts in other stores as well, since they hope to pick up wholesale accounts on top of walk-in customers and large orders. Having a party? Ron hasn't completely retired the donut-cart, and your guests will be talking about the freshly made donuts for years to come.

Just remember to stop by the ATM before rushing over to the Strip District, because Peace, Love and Little Donuts is cash only.


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