A love for paperwhites

Written by Doug Oster on .

Do you love or hate paperwhites?

I love paperwhites, always have. It's so wonderful to have something blooming inside on a day like today when freezing rain is coming down.

They are bought as bulbs and are basically indoor daffodils. You can find them at any garden center or nursery.

I buy five or six every few weeks, pot them up and then watch them bloom.

They have a distinct, heavy aroma which some people are thrilled about and others...well not so much.

To me it smells like spring, but sometimes my wife wonders if one of the dogs had an accident.

They are not hardy, so when they are done blooming, they go to the compost pile. I've actually had good luck growing them just for foliage in an unheated greenhouse. I guess I just can't stand  to put them out in the compost if they will grow.

The Winter Flower Show at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden has about 100 or so in the Sunken Garden. They fill the huge room with their unmistakable fragrance.

Here's a look at the show from a feature I did on KDKA's Pittsburgh Today Live. You'll see the paperwhites in all their glory, along with the first look at the Winter Light Garden.

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